BGBK is your one-stop solution to create photorealistic board game renders.  Choose a background, drag and drop assets, replace textures, and render!

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Easy to Use

BGBK is optimized to be as simple as possible for both new and experienced Blender users.

Assets from Star Realms The Box Set by Wise Wizard Games

Tutorials Included

From complete beginners to advanced users, BGBK  allows anyone to jump in and start creating. Reminder - Blender is 100% free!

Watch the Beginner's Tutorial here!

Amazing Results

High quality textures and lighting setup are included to give your game that premium flavor.

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  • "The Board Game Blender Kit is a wonderful tool to dive right into the amazing world of digital rendering!

    From boxes to cards, tokens to meeples, this kit has premade templates of the most common pieces used in board games, and lets you turn your game/component images to a render with ease!"

    Wesley Woodbury
    FunDaMental Games

  • "The Board Game Blender kit made it super easy to load all the components in and update them with my artwork. What previously took me several days of work (and a lot of tutorials) I could do in about half an hour and get a nice, clear setup of the game."

    Ben Downton 

    Prometheus Game Labs

  • Column

    As a beginner, this kit was incredibly useful. I have used Blender for basic tasks before, but producing marketing visuals from scratch was difficult. This kit saved me hours of trial and error and showed me the proper way to approach the task. I highly recommend it.

    Richard Lawton, Card Noir Games. 
  • "As a creative person with no Blender experience, the Blender Toolkit is exactly what I needed to get me started making beautiful renders of my board games, AND to give me a crash course in Blender using content I care about. [...] For the price, I can't think of a better way to generate gorgeous board game renders and learn the basics of a powerful 3D tool, all in one place."

    Chris Stone, Owner, Stone Age Distractions

    Hissy Fit! 
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